Financial Management and Accounting

We work with you to take control of your financial management as an alternative to a full-time CFO or Finance Manager and complementary to any other accounting functions you have in your business. We are able to do this at your premises in Auckland or on a virtual basis where this is more convenient. The time spent and extent of the engagement will be by mutual agreement in a way that is most cost effective and beneficial to you. 


Where applicable we complement the work performed by your bookkeeper or other accounting resource and will work with you to find the best solution to your financial and accounting requirements. If the size of your business requires an internal accounting team we are able to work with the team and provide advice or assistance on complex issues.

We also provide a wider suite of accounting and tax compliance services for both businesses and individuals on agreed or fixed price engagements. Please contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements in confidence.  


Financial reporting, including board and management reporting

Regular and timely financial reporting is important for all stakeholders to stay on top of the financial performance of the enterprise. We prepare monthly or quarterly reporting and commentary on your financial results in accordance with our agreement.
We provide reporting to your board of directors in a way that they can understand and relate to. We are happy to work with your directors to develop reporting in line with their expectations and requirements and we are in an ideal position to recommend and implement reporting formats that will give them the best insight into the most important areas of the business.

Accounting and financial statements preparation

We offer general and bespoke accounting services on an agreed or fixed price basis, including preparation of financial statements and tax returns.  
We are also able to assist in statutory reporting and preparation of financial statements where the general accounting functions are performed in-house or externally to trial balance stage. This will be on an agreed basis and, where applicable, will complement the work performed by your internal accounting resource, bookkeeper or external tax accountant.
For larger businesses with an in-house accounting team and in-house systems this can be a useful year-end function that will be performed on a contract basis.

Business planning and advice

Many small and medium sized enterprises require some additional financial expertise when doing business, strategic or scenario planning. We contribute to your planning process with our financial hat on and advise on strategy and other areas. We are able to contribute as much or as little as you want, from writing a full business plan with financial numbers included to simply providing financial and accounting expertise as part of your planning process.

Budgeting, planning and forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting are fundamental to knowing whether you are on track in your business. With significant experience in preparation of budgets and forecasts we are able to prepare easy to understand and well laid out budgets and forecasts for use by your management and teams.

Data analysis and visualisation

Data is the buzz word and rightly so as today’s systems generate an awful lot of data that can be used to help in your business planning, budgeting, forecasting and monitoring. We are able to perform analysis of your data to give you a better understanding of the numbers and guide you in the search for greater profitability and cash flow. We provide visual representations of the data which makes it easy to understand and relate to.

Technology implementation assistance

Should your business require an upgrade in accounting system or other technology we are in an ideal position to assist with the implementation or provide input into the system and supplier selection. We are able to assist with project management during implementation.

Cash flow and profitability improvement

Our knowledge of your business and its key performance indicators will give us the ability to advise on areas of growth and profitability improvement. Coupled with our data analysis this is key in establishing areas of cash flow improvement and future cash flow forecasting.

Tax compliance and resolution of taxation issues

We are able to provide tax compliance services and preparation of tax returns in conjunction with our accounting and financial management offerings. In addition, as your trusted business advisor and finance manager, we will endeavour to assist you in any outstanding taxation related issues or disputes so your business can move forward and not be burdened by any tax related issues or consequences. Where specialist tax advice beyond our level of expertise is required we are able to refer you to a suitably qualified tax expert.

Free initial meeting to discuss the best options to meet your requirements.